A robust mid-level program is a cornerstone of successful fundraising efforts for any nonprofit organization. Mid-level donors are a crucial bridge between an organization’s low-dollar donor base and its major contributors. These donors are giving less than a major gift, but they’re giving more than your typical annual donor. Mid-level donors are pivotal in propelling an organization toward its fundraising objectives.

To effectively engage and retain mid-level donors, it’s important to define and separate this group from other donor segments. Most mid-level programs begin by identifying one-time and reoccurring donors contributing in the $500 – $1000 range annually and analyzing their giving history alongside other relevant data points.

🔹Creating a specific program with a unique name, logo, and tailored content type can make mid-level donors feel recognized and valued.
🔹Targeted, highly personalized communication plans should be established with a focus on determining the best frequency and mode of communication for this specific segment and any sub-segments within it.
🔹Bespoke benefits, recognition, and exclusive offerings aligned with a mid-level donor’s interests and preferences can boost loyalty and engagement tremendously.

These strategies collectively contribute to building strong, lasting relationships with mid-level donors and a robust data-informed mid-level program. Once this framework is in place, maintaining regular contact to stay connected and gauge the most effective communication cadence and content is key.

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