In 1987 Frank O’Brien, already a veteran of political fundraising and communications, founded the agency that would eventually become O’Brien Garrett. Frank was a lead field organizer for John Kerry’s first Congressional campaign while working with the legendary pollster John Marttila in Boston, and he had brought the Democratic National Committee’s grassroots fundraising operations to new heights after moving to DC.

The way that political groups and social change organizations were funded was changing, moving away from a few quiet funders and bringing their message to a wider audience through mass communications. From his experience, Frank knew that the best way to fund organizations in this new environment was to bring together two things: deep, research-driven insights into the motivations of potential donors and the disciplined execution of marketing techniques.

Today, O’Brien Garrett still follows that research-based, data-driven approach to helping world-class social change organizations inspire engagement among their constituents.

Whether through mail, phone, digital channels or face to face, O’Brien Garrett helps its clients deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.